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Tour only Wang too comfortable 0 pressure inductive seamless middle waist girl underwear 60 Most Ms. Dianthus

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Fabric Name: Mostale
Item No .: N628
Fabric rumor: 60
Function: Breathable, physiological
package style: Bulk
Source category: Spot goods
Whether to support an alternate: support
shape: Trigger
Whether to support the foundry: support
Main fabric ingredient: Mostale
The content of the main fabric component: 91.9
Poop ingredient: Mostale
The content of the ingredients of the crotch: 91.9
Origin: Yangzhou
Whether it is seamless: no
Lumbar type: Overhead
design feature: Lotus leaf
Pattern: Solid color
Applicable population category: Girl
Whether foreign trade: no
Renovation: Revision
Processing cycle: 10
Whether stock: no
Minimum styling volume: 1000
Cooperate the brand: twenty one
colour: Bean, shallow powder, dark brown, light blue, coffee, elegance, bean green (spring new color), shrimp color (spring new color)
size: One code, single code pre-sale
Options: Domestic famous brands, internationally renowned brands, external processing
Main sales channels: Taobao, supermarket, brand store, Tmall, individual entity, domestic shopping mall
Whether imported: no
Whether cross-border export is available for supply: no
Applicable age: Youth (18-40 years old)
No quality inspection report: Yes
Package induction: 10 pack